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About Fishers Running Club

Established in 2017, Fishers Running Club is a volunteer-based not-for-profit group. We are dedicated to promoting good health and social experiences in our community of Fishers, Indiana, through running, walking, and associated activities. 

Club Officers

Alan Errichiello - President

Peter Kirkwood - Immediate Past President

Dan Brinkruff - VP of Governance

Tracey Clark - Secretary

Vince Auten - VP of Sponsorship

Michele Eaton - VP of Marketing

Sara Farny - VP of Coaching

Ray Gomez - VP of Volunteer Engagement

Alonso Gonzales - Co-Treasurer

Mark Guyer - VP of Membership

Linda Rice - Co-VP of Philanthropy

Mary Beth Sraders - Co-VP of Philanthropy

Jon Wade - VP of Engagement

Jim Weigle - VP of Ambassadors

Merrill Yarling - Co-Treasurer

To contact a club officer and for all general questions and comments about our club, please reach out!

fishers location.gif

Fishers, Indiana is a wonderful, growing community in central Indiana. We are located just to the northeast of Indianapolis

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